MOC Position

Washington State Neurological Society in conjunction with the American Medical Association calls for the elimination of mandatory exams for Maintenance of Certification. We also oppose any requirements for MOC that have no demonstrable benefit to patient care. In conjunction with Washington State Medical Association, WSNS supports alternative pathways to board recertification and Maintenance of Certification (ie. National Board of Physicians and Surgeons).

The government of the State of Oklahoma has enacted legislation prohibiting the use of MOC for licensure, reimbursement, employment or admitting privileges. The WSNS supports similar legislation for the State of Washington.

Adopted Oct. 1, 2016


The Washington State Neurological Society represents the neurologists of Washington State. The purpose of the Society is to promote the science and practice of neurology in Washington State; to advocate for neurologists and patients with neurological disorders; and to promote and protect the neurological health of the public.